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Welcome to the Spiritual Dojo...


I’m Ronnie Landis, your guide and sacred ally in this 12 week rights of passage. This is your initiation invitation into the brotherhood of the Awakened Masculine.
For the last 34 years, since the age of 4, I have been a devoted martial artist and athlete. I have studied multiple disciplines and hold 3 black belts, advanced self defense certifications, almost 100 competitive medals, was the head instructor for a successful school of over 500 students, and was an Olympic hopeful in TaeKwonDo. 


I was raised in the dojo of martial arts and as a man, I grew up in the spiritual dojo of life.
Over the last decade of being a professional health coach, motivational speaker, & transformation facilitator, I never intended to lead "men's work", yet after working with countless men struggling with health issues, addiction problems, childhood trauma, emotional rollercoasters, relationship challenges, financial obstacles, & subconscious road blocks, it became painfully obvious to me that all of the years of invaluable knowledge, practical wisdom, and personal experience I had gained needed to be redirected specifically for the men who are on a path of healing, growth, and personal evolution.
The Spiritual Dojo for Awakened Masculinity is the most holistic, integrated, and complete curriculum that has ever been offered in the "mens work" space. This cannot be compared to any other offerings that currently exist - it is in a league entirely of it's own. 


In order for men to awaken to their TRUE KINGSHIP, they must first learn, embody, and master the 4 quadrants of Whole, Healthy, & Integrated Masculinity. 
  • The Physical Body (Warrior) 
  • The Mental Body  (Magician) 
  • The Emotional Body (Lover)
  • The Spiritual Body (Sage) 
This is the 4 prong framework that this 12 week program is built from and it is a transformational experience unlike any other, with an intimate container of brothers, and 4 guest teachers who all have developed tremendous mastery and success in their chosen domain of focus. 

Legends in Their Field Who Have Endorsed Ronnie's Work

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Global Spiritual Teacher, Humanitarian, & Human Rights Activist, Founder of Agape Spiritual Center

Wrote an endorsement for Ronnie's The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program book 

David Wolfe

World Respected Nutritionist, Longevity & Health Expert, Environmentalist, & International Speaker

Wrote an endorsement for Ronnie's The Holistic Health Mastery book

Richard Rudd

Author of The Gene Keys, Renowned Spiritual Teacher, & Existential Philosopher of Life Mysteries

Wrote the foreword for Ronnie's The Addiction Free Lifestyle Book.

Ben Greenfield 

Biohacking Pioneer, Health & Fitness Icon, World Class Podcast Host, & Thought Leader in Human Optimization

Wrote an Endorsement for Ronnie's Upcoming DOPAMINE SOLUTION Book. 

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

International Lecturer, Prolific Author, World Renowned Health & Longevity Expert, Spiritual Leader, & Peace Activist

Wrote an Endorsement for Ronnie's The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program book. 

Peter Ragnar 

Health & Longevity Icon, Author, Teacher of Spiritual & Metaphysical Mysteries, & Human Potential Expert

Wrote an Endorsement for Ronnie's The Inner Alchemy Youthening Program book.

This Unique Group of Awakened Men is for You If...

  • You are Ready to Step into Your Inner-Authority, Embody Your Truth, & Live Beyond Fear! 
  • You Want a Truly Whole, Healthy, Emotionally Intelligent, & Awakened Woman into Your Life (if not currently in relationship OR If you want to keep her in your life!)
  • You Desire to Live a Life Free of Addictions, Unhealthy Attachments, & the Cycle of Self Sabotage, Once & For All!
  • You Want to Healthfully Increase Your Natural Sex Drive, Boost Longevity Hormones, Become Truly Magnetic, & Master Your Sexual Energy 
  • You Deeply Desire to Experience True Safety, Inner Security, & Total Stability within Your Nervous System 
  • You are Ready to Embody Unshakable Confidence, Unwavering Conviction, & Indistractable Focus in Your Life
  • Your Soul is Calling for a Deeper Relationship to God/Spirit/Source So You Can Live in Integrity with Your Spiritual Beliefs
  • To Experience a Degree of Overall Health, Vitality, Bodily Energy, & Mental Peace You Never Knew was Possible! 
  • You Desire to Join a Band of Brothers Who will Hold You in Your Vulnerability, Reflect Back to You Your Strength, & Keep You Accountable to Your  Goals!
  • You KNOW YOU ARE HERE to Play a Bigger Game with Life & NOW is the Time to Sign In For Duty!


When Men Finally Heal the Wounds that Hold them Back, the World Around Them will Heal as a Result."


 Ronnie Landis

What is Holding You Back Right Now..?


  • Struggling with Pornography, Dating Apps, and Sex Addiction?
  • Feeling Unmotivated, Undisciplined, Unable to Focus on Daily Tasks, & Lacking Consistency with Life Goals?
  • Knowing that Your Physical Health & Vitality, Fitness/ Endurance, & Mental Clarity is Not Where it Could Be.
  • Tired of the Up & Down Rollercoaster of Money Problems & Feeling Out of Alignment with "Abundance"?
  • Living with Daily Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, & Feeling Emotionally Dysregulated?
  • Struggling with Stimulants like Coffee, Caffeine Addiction, & Energetic Overstimulation?
  • Lacking a Deeper Connection to Life Mission, Purpose, & Spiritual Fulfillment? 
  • Feeling Stuck in the Repetitive Cycles of Addiction, Self Sabotage, & Trauma Looping?
  • Finding  Yourself Silently Struggling with Inner Resistance & Feeling Out of Integrity with Yourself?
  • Secretly Harboring Feelings of Guilt, Self Judgement, & Shame Over the Past?
  • Attracting the Wrong Kinds of Women that Pull You From your Purpose & Leave You Feeling Empty, Broken, & Jaded? 
  • Escaping Responsibilities with Drugs, Substances, Digital Distractions, & Coping Mechanisms? 
  • Stuck in your Head, Feeling Disconnected from Your Body, & Caught in the OCD Trap of the Monkey Mind 
  • Knowing You are Meant for So Much More but Not Sure How to Start or Afraid to Try Again After Feeling the Pain of Failure


"Society wants to tell you that masculinity is toxic. The truth is, it’s the absence of true masculinity that has made society toxic."

Ronnie Landis

What You Can Expect to Learn
In This 12 Week Program

  •  Optimize Your Physical Body through Natural Nutrition, Supplementation, Unique Training Routines, & Bio-Hacking Strategies 
  • Repair Cognitive Damage from Excess Stress, Reboot the Brains Dopamine System, & Regulate Your Nervous System
  • Unpacking Societal & Parental Programming that Leads to Self  Sabotage, Unfulfilling Relationships, & Health Challenges
  • Optimize Your Mind to Operate in a Perpetual Flow State (This will change your life!)  
  • Transform Your Insecurities with Women, Heal Your Wounding with the Feminine, & Learn to Magnify the Ideal Female Partner into Your Life (Or Deepen Your Intimacy with Your Current Partner
  • Heal Parental Attachment Wounds, Childhood Traumas, & Psycho-Sexual Blockages (This will transform how you relate to women!)
  • The REAL Reason Men Struggle with Money Issues & Stabilize Your Financial Reality
  • WHY Men become addicted to Porn, Sex, Drugs, Substances, Food, Digital Devices, etc. & Healing the God Shaped Hole Within. 
  • Full Embody Your Awakened Masculine Core While being Connected to Your Emotions, Activating Psychic Abilities, & Awakening Your Intuitive Intelligence  
  • Effectively Process Suppressed Emotions, Transform Triggers & Heal Your Fight/Flight/Freeze Stress Response (This is mandatory for sustaining a healthy and balanced relationship!)
  •  The Spiritual Cause for Each and Every Challenge that Shows Up in Your Life 


Physical Mastery  

The physical body is represented by the Element of EARTH & the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The primary energy of earth is Grounding, Stability, & Solidarity. 


The Lessons We Will Cover for the Physical Body: 

  • Holistic Nutrition Specific For Men

  • Movement, Strength, & Flexibility Training

  • Hormone Balancing & Disease  Protection

  • Detoxification & Cleansing Practices

  • Somatic Trauma Release Processes

  • Sleep & Recovery Rituals

  • Nervous System Integration


Mental Mastery

The Mental Body is represented by the Element of AIR & the zodiac signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The primary energy of air is Spaciousness, Expansiveness, & Flow. 


The Lessons We Will Cover for the Mental Body:

  • Meditation & Breath work Practices

  • Brain Optimization Strategies

  • Psychic Development

  • Decision Fatigue Management

  • Cognitive Unpacking

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

  • Psychic Integration

Emotional Mastery 

The Emotional Body is represented by the Element of Water & the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The primary energies of water are Fluidity, Potency, & Formlessness. 


The Lessons We Will Cover for the Emotional Body:

  • Healing Attachment Wounds 

  • Relational Core Wounds (Mother/Father)

  • Intuitive Intelligence Development

  • Emotional Freedom Training

  • Forgiveness Work

  • Sexual & Psycho-Emotional Trauma Healing

  • Inner Child Integration

Spiritual Mastery 

The Spiritual Body is represented by the Element of Fire & the Zodiac Signs of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The primary energies of fire are Illumination, Transformation, & Evolution. 


The Lessons We Will Cover for the Spiritual Body:

  • Healing & Integrating Karmic Wounds

  • Psycho-Somatic Trauma Integration 

  • Psychic Protection  & Energy Clearing Training

  • Healing the Original Wound of Separation from Source

  • Masculine - Feminine Polarity Integration 

How this 12 Week Experience Works 

This is an immersive experience where we will be taking a journey together into the realms of whole human transformation, step by step, layer by layer, unwinding the conditioning of past  programming, accessing the deepest truth beneath the surface of our unhealed traumas, and building ourselves back up, brick by brick, session by session. Each call will provide a unique road map for accessing these deeper truths within each participant and they will build on one another in a perfect flow, allowing a natural progression to happen each week and with highly practical tools shared to make integration easy and enjoyable.

Each week we will have a 2 hour zoom call together with opening check in’s, an hour or so of presenting information, and followed by an open floor for questions and dialogue. Each call is recorded and provided in the student membership video log, which you will have lifetime access too beyond our 12 weeks together. We will also have a members group in Telegram for communication during our time together for extra daily/weekly support.

The course is structured in such a way that allows for maximum integration. The first 4 weeks will focus on the Body & Mind, followed by an integration week to really anchor in all that you learned in Phase 1. Next up will be Phase 2, which is diving into the Emotion & Spirit. Following that, we will have one more integration week and then go into the final two sessions together. Our final integration session will ensure that everyone has all the support they desire and is making exponential progress in their goals.

You will also receive a special video recording from me on practices and techniques for regulating your nervous system response, incorporating forms of breath work into your life, advanced lifestyle optimizationnutritional advice, self guided subconscious  reprogramming techniques, and how to set effective goals based on the ultimate “timeline” you want to align with for your life - THIS IS POWERFUL! 

Ready to Enroll?

"In only a few sessions with Ronnie my life was able to rise from the past into a  powerful trajectory for my future. Each session perfectly addressed both getting me in balance that day, and formulating a new structure for my lifestyle that made sure to keep the balance moving forward. I’ve been staying on track - and staying inspired - thanks to the personalized and potent secrets I learned to unlock my own highest potential, and keep what I manifest for many years to come. Thanks Ronnie!"

Nome McBride, Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner, Entrepreneur

Featured Guest 'Life Mastery' Instructors

Chris Dufey

Financial & Business Coach 


Chris Dufey is an investor, author, father of 4,  filmmaker, health-nut and is obsessed with helping you build a business and life you love…Ultimately Chris is sharing “the journey beyond success, and to fulfillment”.
Currently living between Bali and Australia, Chris is working on how to best grow  businesses, be the best father and husband, and create more meaning with the work he loves. 
Chris's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christopherdufey/ 

Johann Urb

Breath work & Spiritual Development Coach 

Johann Urb is a world renown spiritual  teacher and a coach. He has held a daily spiritual practice for 30+years and is the creator of The Pyramid Breath Method®️

Johann’s three decades of spiritual discipline are applied to every facet of his coaching techniques. He specializes in tantric embodiment, transparency technique, creating optimum habits for vitality, sacred intimacy and co-devotional relating in partnership.
Johanns  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbjohann/

Kevin Orosz

Relationship & Polarity Coach 

Kevin Orosz is a High  Performance Coach, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator, and Podcast Host. He is also a Performance Philosopher, Folk Psychologist, Spoken Word Poet, Public Speaker, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, Freestyle MC and Founder & CMO of lifestyle brand Mystic Misfit.
Using his multidisciplinary approach, Kevin guides clients to break through all manner of limiting beliefs, outdated modalities, and constricting paradigms to uncover their unique story and live their soul’s purpose. He focuses on where the mind, body, and soul meet, developing spiritual abilities by mastering the science of life through magical and radical mindset techniques.
Kevin's  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kevinjorosz/

Josh Trent

Emotional Intelligence & Wellness Coach 

Josh Trent is the Founder of Wellness Force  Media and host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast
Josh has spent the past 19+ years as a trainer, researcher, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world.
The Wellness Force Media Mission is to help humans heal mental, emotional and physical health through podcasts, programs, and a global community that believe in optimizing our potential to live life well.
Josh's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshtrentofficial/ 

What Industry Leaders Say About Ronnie's Work

Ronnie Landis is wise beyond his years. When he speaks, those who can hear would be wise to listen. He is a polymath  who has the ability to discuss in-depth many different aspects of the human experience & how to navigate our reality.

Mike Bledsoe, Leadership Coach, Fitness Industry Icon, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host

"Ronnie is a leader not only with a brilliant vision for humanity but with the determination, commitment, and audacity to bring that vision into reality." 

Katerina Satori, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Spiritual Teacher

I can tell you that Ronnie Landis is the real deal. He has the knowledge,  intelligence and compassion to take you to the next level.
DR. TIM JACKSON, Renowned Health Expert, Public Educator  

Are You Feeling the Call to Journey Together?  

If you are feeling the calling to be part of The Spiritual Dojo for Awakened Masculinity group experience, then the next step is to fill out the 5 question application to make sure that your intentions, motives, and desired goals align with the intentions and ethos of this container. This is a deeply sacred and uniquely crafted experience that is designed for men who are truly committed to their own healing, growth, and transformation. It is important that each man who enrolls has read through the information on this page, knows that he is in alignment with the purpose of this group, and is ready to step into the next phase of his own evolution in life. 

If you already know that this program is a perfect fit for you, you are welcome to fill out the application and choose your payment option to claim your spot. Ronnie will contact you shortly after. 



Keep in mind that this program will sell out and the first round of men who commit to enrolling will have first priority. If you would like to discuss with Ronnie before moving forward please submit your application now and book your connection call with Ronnie to walk you through next steps.  

Investment Options 

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Price Goes to $2,500 after May 20th

  • Full Access to 12 Week Course + Bonus Content
  • Access to Guest Teachers 
  • Lifetime Access to Video Replays
  • Accountability & Integration Support in Our Private Group Chat
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Investment Plan

$500/3 Months

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  • Full Access to 12 Week Course + Bonus Content
  • Access to Guest Teachers 
  • Lifetime Access to Video Replays
  • Accountability & Integration Support in Our Private Group Chat
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  • Everything Included in 12 Week Course
  • 4 1.1 90 Minute Coaching Sessions with Ronnie 
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  • Full Access to Ronnie via WhatsApp or Telegram Messenger
  • 1 Personalized Guided Nervous System Regulation Meditation Recorded by Ronnie
Let's Get Started!

Ronnie Landis

Ronnie is a peak  performance coach, holistic health expert, motivational speaker, spiritual mentor, mystic, neuroscience researcher, meditation & breath work guide, trauma and addiction recovery specialist, life long martial artist and elite athlete, and a mind-body connection wizard. 
For 20+ years he has been exploring the fringes of human potential, cutting edge health sciences, natural nutrition, & the full spectrum of the ancient and modern healing arts. Ronnie combines customized self mastery training, sub-conscious reprogramming modalities, nutritional & supplementation strategies, and a deep passion for helping others overcome long held mental and emotional road blocks so they can experience every area of their life at their full potential.
Ronnie has spoken at over 300 live events, authored 9 published books, released 300+ shows on his podcast | The Life Mastery Show, supported thousands of students, clients, & peers in their healing journey, and above all else a man who has devoted his life to uplifting humanity to its next level of evolution.